RAMPIRE Concept Art Blue (1)

Spotlight – ‘Rampire!’

A voice actor’s work is often very varied. Today’s Spotlight focuses on one of those extra-special genres that only pops up once in a while. I am, of course, talking about the famous Vampire Sheep B Movie genre, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of. As part of his University course, budding animator Mat Greaves […]


Spotlight – ‘Rochebere’

Another week, another Skyrim Mod, but this time it’s made by the supremely talented Sam Vincent, a Modder with a gift for making new settlements for Skyrim, including ‘The Trajan Dungeon‘ and ‘Syerscote‘. His newest settlement, Rochebere, is a large city (roughly three times the size of Whiterun, for those who know the game) found […]


Spotlight – ‘Leviathan Crossfire’

From the depths of wildest Germany comes dhk Game’s flagship FPS, ‘Leviathan Crossfire’, a short story-driven game with an ‘epic momentum’, set in the midst of conflict in the distant future. The mighty Rakan Empire dominates the galaxy, forcing the Nuvebian Rebels to fight for their freedom. The player must take on the role of […]


Top Tips for Video Game Voice Acting

Earlier last year I was commissioned to write an article for Voices Pro, an online directory of professional voice over artists and voice talent. Having been recognised as ‘up and coming talent’, I was asked to give my top tips for working in Video Game Voice Acting. The result is below: “Hi Jay, we loved […]


Spotlight – ‘Descent Into Madness’

In a recent PC Gamer article, the best Mods available for Skyrim were given some screen-time and reviewed. From graphical tweaks to game-play additions, the Modding community has gone nuts for Bethesda’s ground breaking RPG. Some Modders have taken this further, and have begun to develop full quests and additional stories just to make Skyrim’s character-rich world […]