“James Appleyard provided the voiceovers for 13 of our library online tutorials during August 2012.   These tutorials provide help and information about using library services at the University of Leicester. As one of the librarians who had produced the tutorials, I worked with James during the recording process. I wouldn’t hesitate to invite him back and would highly recommend him for voiceover work. He was always more than willing to experiment and was highly attentive to our requirements.  At all times was professional, flexible, and dedicated.  He was working with our scripts, but provided us with some welcome insights and suggestions. I am confident he would work to that high standard for any other employer.” (S. Whittaker, UoL, 2012)

“James, your lines sound absolutely fantastic! Brilliant job, thank you so much for this.” (SSC, 2012)

“Jay performed perfectly for our project. Not only did he fulfill the given role as required; he added in brilliant and creative variations of the required lines which we gladly adopted. A huge thank you!” (D. Höke, 2012)

“After what you have done so far, we have a complete trust in your actions and we are sure that you’ll do great this time as well.” (SixScarves Production, 2012)

“…your voice acting was incredible!” (A. Bomish, 2012)

“…your voice acting is really terrific. You should consider making a companion character!” (A. Dires, 2012)

“I played the clips to the others, and we love your voice for this part! I also really appreciate you getting back to us so quickly given our time frame” (Helen, SSP, 2012)

“You have a lovely voice James, and one that fits our character so well.” (Sarah, SSP, 2012)

“I really like the voiceovers you’ve done. I must say you have alot of talent, particularly being able to change your voice so much…Like I said, the voices are excellent, I just have to decide which ones I like most (They’re all amazing!).” (S. Vincent, 2012)

“Thanks to my man Jay for all his hard work and voice overs, he made my life incredibly easy…he wouldn’t stop sending me voice files for one crazy Jarl, give him some love.” (Darren D., 2012)

“Those were some great auditions and I’d love to have you do voices for the extras but I feel that’d be a waste of your Talent. If you would like I’d be interested in giving you the role of the main character, your voice is exactly what I had in mind for his role.” (J. Murray, 2012)

“I listened to your work and I have to say, I am very impressed! I’d love to have you on the team.” (IKUA, 2012)

“…thanks again for your excellent work. Your performance on some of the lines is priceless and I can’t help laughing out loud when I hear them. You don’t know how rare it is for me to laugh out loud, even if I find 
something funny. I truly appreciate your effort and support on my first production.” (Z-Drama, 2012)

“What a fantastic job you’ve done…very well done!” (E. Malaga, 2012)

“That’s exactly what we’re looking for…cool stuff you’ve sent us…and again, excellent work!” (dhk Games, 2012)

“The takes you sent me are perfect…the game’s become so much better with your voice acting…totally awesome…!” (MeanMob.com, 2012)

“…I hope you manage to get Jay to voice one of your next followers. He’s an absolute pro!” (G. Ressinger, 2012)

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