Spotlight – ‘Rampire!’

A voice actor’s work is often very varied. Today’s Spotlight focuses on one of those extra-special genres that only pops up once in a while. I am, of course, talking about the famous Vampire Sheep B Movie genre, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of.

As part of his University course, budding animator Mat Greaves has decided to produce his own take on vampire sheep with the wonderfully titled ‘Rampire!’. Rampire! is a unique animation that spans only a few minutes, but manages to get a lot of laughs in that time. Beginning with the very traditional ominous narration, à la Christopher Lee, Rampire! takes you on short but sweet journey through the history of vampire sheep, and leaves us with this warning: treating your animals poorly can lead to baaaaaaad business.

The great thing about smaller projects like this are that they are normally far more interesting than their larger counterparts. Smaller projects often mean the writing and characters are more focused, giving the actor a chance to really perfect the role. I worked on Rampire! over the course of a few months, and throughout this time I was required to record no more than 30 lines. However, these 30 lines are full of real, believable character (even if the character is a bit daft!). Just remember that these smaller projects need voice actors too; you shouldn’t just focus on the bigger, shinier ones. By working your way up, slowly but surely, you can begin to create a portfolio that rivals that of any professional.

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