Spotlight – ‘Rochebere’

Another week, another Skyrim Mod, but this time it’s made by the supremely talented Sam Vincent, a Modder with a gift for making new settlements for Skyrim, including ‘The Trajan Dungeon‘ and ‘Syerscote‘. His newest settlement, Rochebere, is a large city (roughly three times the size of Whiterun, for those who know the game) found on and around the borders of Skyrim, Cyrodiil and Hammerfell.

The city includes a main storyline featuring several unique, cinematic and dynamic quests, which will lead you to climbing over rooftops, chasing foes through burning buildings and hiking up steep, snowy mountains. The mod also includes a handful of planned side-quests, miscellaneous objectives and activities to partake in, such as an archery contest, or the Spies Guild.

Such a vast undertaking has required huge effort, and for this Sam’s mod deserves your full attention. The fantastic design of the mod has been supported by the work of a number of voice actors, all of whom have provided strong, believable voices for a variety of characters, making the city a unique and enchanting place.


You can view the trailer and track the Mod here.

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