Spotlight – ‘Leviathan Crossfire’

From the depths of wildest Germany comes dhk Game’s flagship FPS, ‘Leviathan Crossfire’, a short story-driven game with an ‘epic momentum’, set in the midst of conflict in the distant future. The mighty Rakan Empire dominates the galaxy, forcing the Nuvebian Rebels to fight for their freedom. The player must take on the role of a Rebel soldier and take the fight to the Rakan.

Dominik Höke and Thomas Meyer, the creators, decided to focus on a space-set shooter as they believed that the typical zombified, post-apocalyptic setting had dominated most of the games released in the past few years, and people wanted change.

So far the game is in Alpha, with one tech demo available that acts as a prequel to the main story.

To help recreate the drama of a struggle for survival set deep in space, dhk Games searched for voice actors who could really fill the boots of all of the characters. The main character, Corporal Trask, finds himself thrust into the conflict when a surprise attack rocks his ship. He must fight his way to the hanger and defeat the intruders, all the time trying to desperately stay alive.

To support this Indie Developer, and to lose yourself in a short but punchy story, check out the Game here.

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